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How to Stop a Pool Leak without Tape

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Nothing ruins a summer BBQ or garden party like a hole in the pool. What makes it worse is that all the fixes available online and in the shops do not work. Some suggest waiting 24/48 hours, and others propose you drain your pool. PLUGZIT lets you forget the hassle and inconvenience a hole in your pool causes and saves you money and time compared to all other temporary fixes.

PLUGZIT, does what it says- It repairs your pool instantly, without needing to worry about removing grease and bubbles or buying more items to complete the task. We strongly recommend you buy a two pack PLUGZIT, so the next time you find yourself with a hole in your pool, you can repair it instantly, in a matter of seconds. Giving you peace of mind, saving you time and money.


How to Stop a Pool Hole with PLUGZIT

1. Insert the Flat Base Stopper through the hole from the inside out.

2. Insert the washer over the thread from the outside.

3. Fasten the Seal Cap until the water stops dripping.


Do not Clean and Cut

Insert the Flat Base with the arrow head attachment through the hole. Simply push it through from the outside in. Now, place the first Silicone Seal on the Flat Base Stopper, and insert it through the hole (from the inside out). Place the second Silicone Seal on the protruding thread and attach the Sealing Disc. Now fasten the Protective Seal Cap until the water stops leaking. Now forget about it.

Important – PLUGZIT Is All you Need

You do not need a rubber roller ($12) or plastic squeegee ($5) to help smooth out any bubbles. PLUGZIT will keep your pool permanently watertight, no matter how much pressure the pool water exerts on it.

Reminder: PLUGZIT is a permanent, reusable fix. It's an emergency repair that is meant to be used for years. If you replace your vinyl pool liner, simply remove PLUGZIT and store for reuse.

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