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The Best and Fastest Way to Fix a Hole in Your Bestway or Intex pool Liner without a Patch

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

You no longer need to worry about getting a hole or a tear in your above ground pool liner?

Well, it true. when Lockdown began, a chap called Guy got a hole in his pool and after trying every patch and tape product he could get his hands on, none of them worked. He didn’t accept that such a simple problem did not have a simple solution, so he set his sights on creating one.

Patching a hole in your pool is frustrating. Its like rubbing salt into a wound. First, you may need to drain your pool, then you must clean the hole, then you must cut the patch, fiddle with messy glue, place the patch, squeeze out the bubbles and… wait… up to 24 hours.

24 hours or sometime later, the hole is leaking again. You will need to rinse and repeat. No, wait, I should have used a waterproof tape. I’ve seen a chap fix a boat with his special tape and slap the tape on massive hole in a glass container. This must the easiest way! 24 hours or sometime later, the hole is leaking again. Tear the tape off, repeat and just accept your fate?

No, not any more. Enter PLUGZIT.

PLUGZIT is a simple, yet genius (as others say) device that allows you to fix a hole or tear in less than 20 seconds. You do not need to empty your pool and waste water. Neither must you fiddle around with cleaning away dirt and oils, cutting patches and contribute to harming our environment by using solvent-based products. You simply need one thing. A PLUGZIT.

PLUGZIT comes in compostable packaging and is delivered right to your door, no matter where you live. It is neat device that is made up of six parts.

1. Base Stopper

2. Pink Arrowhead

3. Black Silicone Seal

4. Blue Silicone Seal

5. Washer

6. Protective Cap

To use PLUGZIT, just take it apart and rebuild it. How? Follow these steps.

1. Place the black Silicone Seal over the Base Stopper, and from the inside of the pool, push it through the middle of the hole or tear.

Tip - The pink Arrowhead will help you do this in case you only have a small hole.

2. From the outside of the pool, place the blue Silicone washer over the thread and do the same with the Washer.

3. Fasten the Protective Cap.

Caution – Finger tighten only. Do not over tighten or you risk breaking the thread.

Follow these 3, easy and quick, steps and just forget about the hole.

Now, you and your family can get back to enjoying the Summer knowing that your pool is once again watertight!

Tip – Don’t come and buy PLUGZIT when you have a hole because you will need a few days for it to arrive. Buy some now and keep them in your Pool Maintenance Kit for just in case. Having a PLUGZIT or two gives you peace of mind.

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