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How to Stop a Pool Leak with PLUGZIT

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Nothing ruins a summer BBQ or garden party like a leak in your above ground pool. What makes it worse is that all the fixes available online and in the shops do not work. Some suggest waiting 24/48 hours for the glue to set, and others tell you to drain your pool. If this doesn't kill the vibe at your party, what will? This is why you will never regret keeping a PLUGZIT or two nearby.

The next time you find yourself with this problem, just use PLUGZIT, and your pool leak will be repaired, permanently in a matter of seconds. It’ll save you anguish, time and money – allowing the show to go on!

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to stop a pool leak with PLUGZIT:

Here is everything you’ll need:


1) Don’t Clean the Surface

It does not matter if your surface is not clean of oil, dirt, or grease. You do not need a rag ($2) and cleaning solution ($5) to wipe your pool down around the tear or crack in your pool.

Simply insert the flat base stopper through the hole from the inside out.

2) Don’t Cut & Patch it! Forget the scissors ($7) because you do not need to cut anything. You do not need to worry about removing air bubbles so you also do not need a rubber roller ($12) or a plastic squeegee ($5).

Simply insert the washer over the thread from the outside.

3) Give It No Time

You do not need to wait twenty-four (24) hours for best results because PLUGZIT will reach its maximum seal hold instantly.

Simply fasten the Seal Cap until the water stops dripping.



Use PLUGZIT to repair a hole or leak

Reminder: PLUGZIT is a permanent, reusable fix. It’s an emergency repair that is meant to be used for years. If you replace your vinyl pool liner, simply remove PLUGZIT and store if you get a new hole.


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