The Story Behind PLUGZIT

Invented in Switzerland. Made in Europe. Delivered Globally.


Hello, and welcome to PLUGZIT. So glad you're here. 


​My name is Guy, and I have owned various sized above ground pools over the years. Last Summer, whilst mowing the lawn during lockdown, I heard a loud  <CLANG> and water started to gush out of my pool. 


It took me some moments to realise that I had driven over a stone, and it had shot through the side of my pool liner.


​I raced to the hardware store (luckily it was open), and bought every glue, tape and patch they suggested. None of them worked 100%.  I also needed to clean around the hole, try press bubbles out, wait 24 hours for the glue to bond and some said to drain the pool. I just wanted something that would plug the hole and be done with it. Eventually, I taped the hole inside and out, and tried to put the fact it was still dripping out of my mind.

The next morning, I woke up thinking "What If " and went to my computer to sketch my idea to plug the hole. Later that day, I asked a friend to help me bring it to life on his 3D printer - A month later, I had a prototype.

I tried it out on my pool, and when friends and family saw it, they suggested I make more so I did some research to see how many above ground pool owners have the same problem. And so began this journey.

I hope PLUGZIT will make you smile (I did - when I finally fixed my pool!)



The Proud Inventor :)

PLUGZIT 3D Printed Prototype