Intex Pool - Do Not Patch a Hole, Plug It

Updated: Mar 4

Getting a hole in your above ground pool vinyl is the bane for every above ground pool owner. However, changing the mindset of pool owners who get a hole from “I’ll patch-it” to "I'll plug-it", will see this problem solved, once and for all.

Covid-19 and the resulting global lockdown saw pool sales increase, compared to 2019, between 43% in some markets to 200% in others. Led by the simple fact, we all spent more time at home, we began to see the opportunity to improve our garden space during the summer months.

When we discover our pool has a hole we rush online or to the store and buy every glue, patch, or tape we can find, knowing full well it is only a temporary solution. For whatever reason, it is just a matter of time until it must be repaired again. Worst case, we need to replace the liner or buy a new pool. This costs money and wastes water, but the more significant issue in 2020 was the shortage of new swimming pools because they were all sold out.

In May this year, one such pool owner went over a stone while mowing his lawn and a piece of broken stone shot out and pierced his vinyl pool liner. Facing the same issues as above, and with more free time than usual, he set himself the challenge to make something that fixed holes quickly, easily and permanently.

Features PLUGZIT, does what it says and fixes a hole in twenty seconds. The product:

Saves Time: Rather than dealing with glues, tapes and patches then waiting for up to 48 hours before swimming PLUGZIT is attached easily by inserting its base through the hole and fastening its protective screw cap until the water stops.

Saves Water: With PLUGZIT, there’s no need to empty the pool in an attempt to clean and dry the surface around the hole. If you keep a PLUGZIT in your repair kit for peace of mind the time between discovering the hole and repairing it is fractional, resulting in less water loss.

No Chemicals: PLUGZIT does not require you to work with harmful chemicals found in different glues that cause the patch or tape to bond to the vinyl.

Versitile: Gone are the days when you need to find or go and buy a new pair of scissors to measure and cut a patch or piece of tape to size. PLUGZIT can be fitted to seal the tiniest of holes up to 40mm in diameter. Any more extensive than that pool owners usually find the hole rips the liner apart, however, this is a scarce circumstance.

Reusable: Unlike any other available pool fix product, PLUGZIT is simply removed and reused. There is no reason for any above ground pool owner to throw PLUGZIT away, adding unnecessary waste plastic to landfill.

Restores Peace of Mind: Discovering a hole in your pool is the bane of every pool owners existence. Living with the knowledge your pool will never again be watertight often leads to throwing it away or replacing the pool.


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