Winter Cover - Above Ground Pool Problems and Solutions

Updated: Mar 4

Winter is coming! No, it is here.

New and experienced pool owners across the Northern Hemisphere have already winterized their pool and attached a pool cover. That was the easy part.

The Problem that majority face is that the cover flaps like crazy. If left to its own devices, this constant flapping will tear a hole in the liner. If not appropriately secured, many pool owners report their cover blows away.

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and as a collective community of new and experienced pool owners, we have scoured the forums and collected all the best tips and advice from above ground pool owners across the globe. These are the two best solutions, as voted by others, to make sure your cover does what it says.

Solution 1 – Cord and Bottle weights

Thread a cord in and out of the eye loops. The cord will enable you to secure it.

Before securing it, make sure you have pulled the cover as tight as you can, and it does not flap excessively. Continue to monitor how it is holding up throughout the course of winter. If you hear of any looming lousy weather conditions, make sure your pool cover is secure so it doesn’t flap loose and cause a hole or rip in the cover.

In addition to threading cord, count how many eye loops you have and visit your local plastic bottle recycling bank. Ask for the same number of 2L soda bottles and make sure they have lids! Next, fill each bottle with water. Each full bottle weighs 2kg. To attach them to your cover you will need some string to tie to the bottle. Make sure it’s a good knot and that once tied you have a long enough piece remaining to thread through the eye loop. If you make sure all your pieces of string are the same size, then they should all hang more or less the same way.

For the nerds among us, multiply the number of full bottles you have by 2. This is the extra pulling weight you have to help you secure your liner.

Sustainable: Besides saving your pool cover, this is a nice way to recycle plastic bottles.

Solution 2 – Hinge Clamps

You can do this on its own or in addition to Solution 1.

Buy as many “A” frame hinge clamps as you have bottles or eye loops. Or to double down - multiply by two and buy that many. Make sure the spring is strong. Weak springs waste time and money. Once in hand, and your pool cover is tight, flapping as little as possible and secure, clip the hinge clamps all the way around.

Mr. PLUGZIT’s Usage Tip

If your pool cover has a hole and you are worried it will tear and get bigger, buy a PLUGZIT and secure it through the hole in the cover. PLUGZIT will stop the hole or tear from getting bigger. Whilst PLUGZIT looks simple; there is science behind. The diameter of the protective cap is optimised that it spreads force equally across the base and seal. Once tight, the force pressure exerted downwards will keep that hole from tearing further at that spot because PLUGZIT reinforces the broken area. PLUGZIT works on holes and tears up to 40mm in diameter.

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