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How often should I test the pool water?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The below guide relates to a Bestway Rectangular Pool that holds 10,000 litres (2,200 Gallons) of water.

1. Bestway Sand Filter

Run the filter for 4 hours each day. (10,000 Litres). They say to filter the pools water volume once a day to keep it clean, so just multiply from what your pump capacity says it is.

1. Move handle to “Play” position.

2. Turn on filter.

After 4 hours

1. Turn off filter

2. Move handle to “Closed” position

Do not turn handle when filter is running

2. How to balance pool chemicals to optimize pH level?

Test pool every 2 days

1. Fill the test container with water from pool.

2. Add 1 x Phenol Red Tablet to the PH column

3. Add 1 x DPD Tablet to the DPD column

4. Shake to mix

5. Check reading

Target pH Value – 7.2-7.8

Target Chlorine Value – 1.0 – 3.0

Pool Test Kit
Pool Test Container

3. How to reduce pH by 0.1?

Add 60g pH minus granules

1. Fill a jug half-way with water from pool - Do not put the pH minus directly into pool

2. Place on scale and turn on (weight value should read zero (0)

3. Add XXg pH minus (calculate against reading to reach required level)

4. Stir to fully dissolve

5. Pour around the pool. (Not only in one place)

4. How much Chlorine to increase by 1.0?

Add 16g Chlorine powder.

1. Place jug on scale and turn on (weight value should read zero (0)

2. Weight XXg Chlorine powder

3. Sprinkle around the pool (not only in one place)

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