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PLUGZIT wants to keep plastic out of Landfill and our Oceans

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

PLUGZIT directly contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, specifically Goal 12.

Ethically sourced, PLUGZIT BAGS house the product and a second bag is used as a post mailer envelope. Made from a TüV Austria approved compostable material. If you compost your PLUGZIT BAG you create zero waste.

Individuals who purchase PLUGZIT can compost the bags in their garden, or place it in a pot plant and grow something new. We incentivise customers to promote their responsible consumption choices through their social media channels in return for discounts and prizes.

Designed to help people fix holes, PLUGZIT is a device that requires little effort. You operate the gadget by holding onto the base and unscrewing the cap to disassemble. The base part thread inserts through a hole that, for example, leaks water and reassembles to fix/plug the hole, instantly saving water, and giving you peace of mind your problem is permanently solved.

There is not a good reason to throw PLUGZIT away. It can be attached, removed and reused as required. We ask customers to return their PLUGZIT to us if they no longer need it or give it to a friend who does.

From inception, PLUGZIT Co-Founder and Inventor, Guy van der Walt, aimed to make a sustainable product, “Plastic bags were never an option”. It took many man-hours to source a TüV Austria Approved manufacturer of good quality material that was affordable and fit for purpose. Guy incorporated it into his supply chain and aims to demonstrate it is a cost effective and viable alternative for all multinational companies to use compostable packaging to help reduce the demand for virgin plastic bags. At scale, this will alleviate the environmental effects related to plastic production. Consumers can verify the TüV Austria logo on the product packaging to help guide their responsible consumption choices.

· PLUGZIT is reusable

· PLUGZIT saves water

· PLUGZIT uses no chemical or glue to repair holes

· PLUGZIT gives customers peace of mind

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