Gift Your Friend "Peace of Mind" For Christmas

Updated: Mar 4

It's that time of the year when you are looking to gift your family and friends something special, fun, and useful. Bringing them joy and enhancing their lives with a practical gift.

Choosing that special present for a loved one, your secret Santa or office colleague can be challenging! You want to get it right, minimize the stress of going shopping in crowded places and all without breaking the bank! In your list of "friends to buy presents", do you know someone that has an above ground pool (AGP)?

We guarantee your present will put a smile on their face, stand out and with our online store, competitive prices, and global shipping services it is a win-win situation for all.

PLUGZIT is unique, simple, cutting-edge design that solves a real problem for Above Ground Pool owners.

Do you know someone with an Above Ground Pool (AGP)?

You will be surprised how committed AGP owners are. Most are part of several online communities who share tips on pool/water maintenance, repair-kits and more; they want to optimize their summertime experience with family and friends. Just to let you know, here are some household names in the AGP marketplace: Bestway, Intex and Summer Waves.

What is PLUGZIT, some features and why will they simply love it?

PLUGZIT is a hassle free solution to fix/repair a hole or tear in above ground vinyl pool lining; 20 seconds,100% sealed and done!

Before PLUGZIT, the only alternatives on the market where messy, unpractical, and time-consuming solutions: expensive repair-kits (glue, patch or tape), requiring them to wait up to 48-hours before going back in and without a permanent fix. Nothing ruins their parties anf family gatherings like a hole in their pool. Not forgetting the unnecessary water waste and related expenses.

PLUGZIT is not only a trusted brand but the name says it all - saves time, saves water, environmentally friendly (no chemicals usage). The best thing about gifting PLUGZIT to any AGP owner is the genuine "Peace of Mind" they will experience the next time their vinyl pool gets a hole. It will be fixed easily, swiftly, and permanently.

Convenient global outreach in only three clicks.

We want to make your purchase and delivery experience seamless. PLUGZIT is a great present that provides a headache free solution for any AGP pool owner. Gift Your Friend Peace of Mind with PLUGZIT. ´ The look on their face will be priceless!

On our website PLUGZIT you will find this brilliant present. When you do, follow the following steps:

STEP # 1: Choose the T-Shirt color and size

STEP # 2: Provide a delivery address (direct to recipient or your home address) worldwide delivery service.

STEP # 3: Checkout and pay

IMPORTANT: Your friend will find a unique code printed inside their T-Shirt label. All they need to do is visit and order 1 x PLUGZIT and during checkout enter their code. Their PLUGZIT will be delivered at NO COST TO THEM.

Why not share the PLUGZIT experience with others? Giving a gift in person is the best. If you can, try capture their smile with a photo or record a short video. If you post it to our Facebook page, you stand a chance to win a crisp Fr. 100 note. (Terms and Conditions Apply)



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